Mississippi born, singer-songwriter Gann Brewer carries on the tireless tradition of the Folk Singer within the common American Man. Gann is a part of a new generation of singing ramblers - living, hard traveling, and singing across the oceans, in town or just outside, and along the way. Gann shows a love and clear kinship for previous generations - Ramblin' Jack Elliott & Woody Guthrie (are evident) John Prine, Guy Clark, Mississippi John Hurt, and Hank Williams (all weigh in heavy) - though his tenor is uniquely his own and his signature humor and unpretentious honesty pervades his song-writing. The stories he shapes into song are experiences collected from two decades on the road, ranging from the haunts of midtown Memphis & New York City to the steep streets of New Zealand, the seashore bars of Goa and the Virgin Islands, the bungalow’s of Egypt and Southeast Asia, Ghost towns in Texas, historical saloons of Alaska and many more places in between.

Gann Brewer's self-titled debut album was recorded and produced in Memphis by Nancy Apple, a veteran musician, songwriter, producer, and radio host, and released on her label, Ringo Records in 2008. The album features a collection of mostly original songs, along with a few traditionals and covers. Since then, Gann has spent the past five years playing, living, and traveling immensely both domestically and abroad. In 2013 alone, the Brooklyn-based songwriter played over 75 shows from New York to California, Alaska to the Virgin Islands and many places in between. In January 2014, Gann released his second full-length studio album, Peddlers & Ghosts. Recorded in Memphis by Jeremiah Tucker, Gann is joined in the studio on certain tracks by Memphis based studio musicians Richard Ford (pedal steel guitar) and David Michael Lee (keyboards, bass guitar), as well as Lisa Kelly (mandolin) of La Honda, California. This album taps the core of Americana, recounting the highs, lows and in betweens of traversing the American landscape, all conveyed with Gann’s natural style of blending the various emotions - dreaming, longing, humor, desolation - that one encounters along the way.