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Gann Brewer has spent the past 20 years performing his tunes. Landing in Memphis in 2007 after a decade spread over several continents, the North Mississippi native met up w/ songwriter, dj, & producer Nancy Apple to record his debut self-titled album on her Ringo Records label. After traveling & touring extensively over the next several years while basing between a diverse array of place - most notably Brooklyn & Alaska - Brewer passed back through Memphis in 2014, working alongside songwriter & recording engineer Jeremiah Tucker to record his independently produced "Peddlers & Ghosts" album, which garnered him critical acclaim as well as extensive play on multiple radio outlets worldwide, including the Sirius Coffeehouse Channel - where he was their 'weekly featured guest' for a live, in house performance.
His autumn 2019 release, 'Absolution', took him to the Nashville area where he was recorded & produced by Nashville producer, sessions musician, & traveling bass player Mark Hill (Keith Urban, Reba McEntire). Continuing with Brewer's Americana sound & place oriented lyrical compositions, Absolution blends folk w/ hints of country & old blues influence while allowing Brewer's keen storytelling to shine, backed subtly by some of Nashville's finest musicians.
Balancing his musical artistry over the past several years w/ seasonal work as a hiking & river guide in Alaska, as well as a dog walker in Brooklyn, Brewer's songs radiate w/ an honesty & homespun down-to-earth tone that is uniquely his own. "Absolution" is a collection of 11 original songs with one spirit moving through them all. It is an album of the journey we all must make - one of love, loss, desire, regret, humor, uncertainty, and, ultimately, redemption.

"His Southern disposition gives him the ability to observe and participate at the same time. He is a citizen of the world, and he'll bring you a bit of all of it if you let him." Joe Armstrong, Host & Producer of Independents Day, Los Angeles