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Update as of March 1, 2019. Hi folks - Gann here - i’ve completed some recordings down in Tennessee over the past several months, & it’s being made now. The album, called “Absolution”, features 11 new originals, and will be available in or around early to mid April via all the regular outlets… Stay tuned - and, no, the photo below is not the cover (it’s just me doing my interpretation of the Late Great Townes Van Zandt from a living room in East Nashville…) Thanks for checking in !!! More soon -


Lots of artists like to sing about wandering, but few log the kind of actual miles that Mississippi-born singer/songwriter Gann Brewer does.  Brewer is a rambler in the truest sense of the word.  Ask him where his home is, and he’ll pause to ponder the question, because the answer might be hard for him to figure.  He has been known to hang his hat in New York City and California, but never for long.  Mostly, he has spent the last twenty years spinning wheels and spinning yarns with his original songs, penned in the tradition of the trailblazers of his genre.  World-class wanderers like Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Woody Guthrie, John Prine, Guy Clark, Mississippi John Hurt, and Hank Williams all come to mind.  Fully seven of the fourteen songs on his sophomore album, titled ‘Peddlers & Ghosts’, name check specific places in their titles, and the characters in his songs that ground Brewer - and inspire him to leave again - could only be conjured by meeting real people somewhere along the way from one show to another. The road is his master, and Gann Brewer serves it well, but the road takes care of him, in turn.  His Southern disposition gives him the ability to observe and participate at the same time, and his performances take place wherever he happens to pull his trusty Gibson acoustic out of his weathered guitar case.  Brewer is a citizen of the world, and he’ll bring you a bit of all of it if you let him.

--Joe Armstrong, Host and Producer of Independent's Day